There. Will. Be. Halloween. In. Paris.

When I read the tweet by @lacuisineparis, “Determined to bring Halloween to Paris this year – ghost cookie cutters all ready to go!”, I knew two little people who would jump at the fun, the mere mention of the ‘H’ word sends them into excited fits of giggles.  

From my part, it was also a great way to get them involved.  Halloween was never a large part of growing up in Australia, the complete opposite of the all American upbringing Jean Claude had in Connecticut.  This year with so many friends away, our Halloween parties were planned for the early days in  November. The big day, the 31st, was looking uneventful and decorating cookies in Paris with Candy Corn seemed a perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Beautiful surroundings tucked in a hidden corner of a gorgeous little french courtyard.  We came home laden with bats, ghosts and cats to eat, and best of all, the most divine melt in your mouth chocolate cupcakes that the children had fun decorating, and I’ve very much enjoyed eating.  Thank you La Cuisine Paris, we loved it.

 Wonder if it is too early to book our places for next year?


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