Night skies and morning snow

After a late movie yesterday evening, returning home the sky was beautiful, clear and full of stars.  At this time of year, when grey clouds dominate, little things like star filled skies make an impact. 

Upon awakening this morning, the sky was again clear.  A wonderful shade of blue.  There was sunshine.  To much surprise, there was also a layer of snow!  As I started tapping these words, snow started to fall again.  As quickly as it started, there was a return to blue skies and warm sunshine beaming through the windows. 

Scurrying out earlier in the morning to take a couple of photos, I didn’t want to miss the wonderful sunshine.  On the odd occasion the sun disappeared behind the clouds, everything turned to winter.  When it came out again, the blues and golden shades radiated.  Pulling me away from taking photos, my little companion called me over to see what she was discovering in the snow and to proudly show me this message. Adorable!


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