People watching

Every breath I get of Paris fills me up. 

I can’t get enough of walking her streets, exploring, touching, smelling, taking it all in. 

It’s such a glorious place to be, made even more so by the eclectic mix of people who live here, and those who visit.  I could happily sit in a cafe all day, doing little more than filling the hours with people watching. I wonder and imagine about everyone.  What are their lives like behind closed doors,  where does she come from, where are they going as they walk by, what conversation are they having that has them laughing, crying, frowning so deeply, who is he is thinking of as he so passionately plays that music, what is it in their souls that keeps them ticking?

Here are a few I admired and wondered about yesterday. I don’t want them to speak as to answer my questions would destroy the mystery.  I just want to imagine, and, I’m still wondering now.


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