It appears the gods are in battle over the control of the skies above Paris. 

Zeus seems to have cast a spell over the skies of Northern France and deemed summer 2010 to be cloudy and cooler than should be expected in August. With the cloud lingering long and heavy during the day, there have been only brief glimpses of the sun for many days now.

Then, as the evening arrives, Astraeus and his gentle winds have blown in and the clouds drift away allowing the stars come out, just in time from some last minute Perséides meteor watching. 

Whilst a little more warmth and sunshine would have been most welcome, the cloudy skies have made for a great canvas of reflections on the water during the day.  Then night arrives, and it’s time to just lay back, look up at the skies and wish upon falling stars. Silent moments to reflect on the world around us.

 Perhaps the weather is like this for a reason.  Perhaps it’s meant to be a summer of reflection.


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