The No.1 of Paris playgrounds

It’s almost over. 

The end of summer holidays is coming on with the speed of the fast forward button on a video machine.   The days are now numbered until I’ll reluctantly hand my precious little ones over to school teachers and  return home where the silence will hit me hard like a brick wall.

With the end of vacation, comes the end of Paris Plages, the best playground to pass time with children in Paris during the summer.  From the bac a sable (sandbox) complete with flying fox,  to the clowns and balloons, or the melody and humour of the musical contes (stories), we’ve had such a wonderful time enjoying ourselves by the Seine. 

Whether making paper using recycled newspaper, or running under misty showers to cool off on the days when the sun did actually come out (yes sun, you’ve been playing quite a bit of hide and seek of late!!), we’ve found no better playground than the man-made beaches on the bord of the Seine.

If you haven’t been yet, with only one week left before it is packed away and the palm trees are shipped out in the middle of the night, the countdown has started.  If you can’t make it this year, but are planning a summer trip to Paris in the years to come,  write Paris Plages onto your list of must do’s.  It’s now permanently etched on mine.


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