Escape to the winter grey of the Calvados

There’s no escaping the grey in France during winter. 

From October through till April, everywhere you look,  cloud lingers low and there’s a dampness in the air.   The sun makes the rarest of appearances, her warm glow tucked away, out of sight.  People wrap up heavy to match the sombre colour of the skyline. 

Not someone to be bothered by winter, I embrace it.  My favourite season came like a built-in wardrobe with coats and chunky scarves, gloves, pink cheeks that glow when everyone returns to the warm air from the chill outside.  Hot chocolates and vin chaud, cider and galettes.

It also happens to be the time when I most prefer the ocean.  And when it all comes together like a Saturday trifecta, there’s only one thing to do.  Jump in the car and head to the Calvados.  Unlike the summer rush, it’s mostly void of tourists. With the exception of a few cars making their return to the UK, there are no crowds lounging about the harbour, no long waits to get into one of the quaint, fisherman restaurants.  The waters are calm, the beaches littered with pebbles and shells waiting to be collected by pint-sized fingers.

The grey slate buildings blend perfectly with the sky, the ocean, the lunch, and the quiet harbour.  It’s a little corner of heaven, and my favourite escape.


A little French Christmas chocolate cheer

As the saying goes, the best things in life aren’t free.  Whoever thought up that line never finished it off properly. I’m a firm believer that should have done have been ‘the best things in life aren’t free, they’re chocolate’. 

In France, chocolate is an art all to itself, and there is no time more ideal to discover it than during the festive season when the creations of the master designers adorn the windows and leave me drooling for more.

Wishing everyone much Happiness for the holidays.

Snowed out near Paris

The Internet is full of chatter about people snowed in, unable to fly for the holidays, stuck in Paris, and unsure of what may become of their travel plans.

We’re stuck at the other end of the spectrum.  Snowed out. 

Twelve miles to the west of Paris, the snow remains thick.  Slush belongs only on the pond, and holidays that might have been filled with outings to museums have become adventures down les pistes!  A mammoth hill in the village where the car just can’t make it up and over icy roads, day after day snow that is thicker than most places locally hit, and we are snowed out of pre-arranged activities. 

With the forecast predicting more, we’re looking at being snowed out for a while longer.

Swirls, twirls, et mon petit lutin.

No school Wednesday, snow day Thursday, normal day Friday, no school Monday.

We’re celebrating all the no school days, swirling and twirling chez Euro Disney, Paris.

Did someone say snow?

For once, the weather predictions were spot on.  Snow fell just as forecast, early given it is still November.

Now, if only it might snow again as predicted Wednesday, then disappear for Friday when we’re supposed to head to London. 

Please dear weather Gods, I love snow anytime, just not this week.

Christmas air

 It’s hard to believe another year has slipped on by and Christmas is around the corner.  We’ve been working on some cards that will be in the shop later today,Christmas cards, gift tags and some bookmarks that make a perfect stocking filler.

Welcome to my winter wonderland…

Welcome to my winter wonderland…

the reflection of lights from Christmas sparkle in their little eyes,

they count the sleeps till he’ll slip in and out,

they filled this house this morning will giggles of delight.

Walking into school they scooped snow balls,  before they scampered off with a kiss.