Café, crêpe and a Carrousel – perfectly co-ordinated at the Hotel de Ville

Outings are all the better when everything is easily combined to suit all those concerned. Case in point, the Hotel de Ville.  Lovers of glorious architecture can stare upward and be gob-smacked by the beauty of the Hotel itself, city hall as it might be known in other parts of the world.  The vertically challenged can ride the Carrousel that sits on the square in front, followed by freshly made chocolate crêpes that drip down their fronts and smear deliciousness across their rosy cheeks.  Then a mere saunter across the Rue de Rivoli  for cafés and hot chocolates where the chairs and the decor are perfectly co-ordinated and blend in with the colours of the Carrousel.

Everywhere you turn in Paris is a little corner of heaven.